Arabian Feedlot and Auction Team Rescue Fundraiser Agreement

As a condition of receiving contributions from the Facebook group called the Arabian Feedlot and Auction Team rescue (AFLATR) towards bail or any other expenses you agree to the following terms:

1. You assume responsibility for any additional needed quarantine, transport, and vetting and funding all rescue costs. You agree to get the horse vet care if needed.
2. You agree to take possession of the horse and all legal rights.
3. These horses are from pens and auctions and AFLATR is not responsible for any discrepancies in age, health, breed, sex, riding ability or anything else stated by the pen or auction.
4. You agree not to sell the horse at auction or back to a kill buyer. If you rehome the horse you will include a contract to protect the horse from going to auction or a kill buyer. Our goal is to keep these horses from ending up back in the slaughter pipline.
5. You agree to geld any stallion/ colt within a safe and reasonable time, and that they will not be used for breeding.
6. You are not a kill buyer, flipper, dealer or broker of equines.


Enter the identifying number or name for your new horse.
By providing the above information you are signing that you agree to the terms of the agreement and the ability to receive donations for the equine noted above.