Home Interview Sheet (All fields with a red asterick much be filled in.)

Horses are subject to being sold off the lot on a first come, first served basis by the seller.  IF our team has a shipping hold, fully completed applications are processed in the order they are received..

The horse can also sell while awaiting fundraising completion.  

Applicants interested in currently listed horses will be given priority.
Name of team member.
Please describe the experience of the applicant and any person who will be caring for the horse on a regular basis.
Please describe experience working with horses who are nutritionally, emotionally or physically challenged.
Do you have riding experience ? If so please describe.
If none state "none"
If so please explain and for how long? If none state "none".
Minimum 30 day quarantine is mandatory to prevent exposure to other horses from an illness your rescue may have picked up from the kill pen or auction. Minimum 30 days is recommended.
Will you be providing a permanent home, temporary home or are you a rescue.?
If none state "none".
for borders only
For borders only
Your facility or boarding facility
Tell us a bit about it!


Please verify all phone numbers and names, call your vet tell him to expect a call.
Please call their office and let them know we will be calling for a reference.
Please call their office and let them know we will be calling for a reference.
If you have horses please enter Farrier
Area Code and Number
Reference name other than relative.
Area Code and Number

According to the law, you are responsible for providing the proper care and maintenance of the horse. This includes providing appropriate year round shelter, free access to water, proper feed, inoculations, dental care, hoof care and worming. You are also responsible for providing veterinary care as necessary in the event of illness or accident. If for whatever reason you can no longer provide for your horse you agree to let us know and help you re-home the horse into another good home.

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